The Still Room Book tells the stories of three generations of people in the 1600s whose lives center around Dunnestoke Manor – its fields, gardens, and in particular, its still room. The Still Room Book includes recipes of distilled herbal remedies and brews as interesting as the characters. Drawings of the still room, flowers and herbs decorate the pages. A CD of the actors reading Still Room Book is included. View Sample Pages & Audio

On the CD, actors from the Colorado Shakespeare Festival and/or the Theatre of Myth and Imagination read the characters' stories, including Shakespeare quotations about still rooms and distillation. The music by the Boulder Renaissance Consort is from their album, Cathedral to Castle.

Still Room Book is and honor to our founder, Marlene Cowdrey. Being able to use it as a fundraiser for the Colorado Shakespeare Garden has made a difference in our ability to quadruple our space." — CSF Garden Guild

I love the slice-of-life Still Room Book presents, the return (I want to say reckoning) back to the herbs via the lives, the "receipts" (love that word!)". — Kathleen Cain, Poet and Author, The Cottonwood Tree: An American Champion

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Sample Pages & Audio

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Chuck Wilcox reading as James the Herbarian
Lola Wilcox reading as Meg the Maid
Peter Giffin reading as John the Gardener

About the Authors

Charles and Lola Wilcox are members of the Colorado Shakespeare Gardens. Charles is a 35-plus-year veteran of the CSF acting company. Lola is the co-author of Spiritual Seasonings, a Recipe Book for the Soul as well as the Body.

Botanical illustrations by Melissa Gray

Cover illustration and book design by Sue Lion

Audio readings are performed by the following actors:

  • Charles Wilcox
  • Lola Wilcox
  • Ian Wilcox
  • Peter Giffin
  • Ingrid Giffin

These readings are accompanied by the music of the Boulder Renaissance Consort.


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